Monday, September 15, 2008

How to Add Italian Traditions to a Wedding

If that dream wedding in Tuscany isn't possible, then add some Italian traditions to your wedding to bring a touch of Italy to your special day. There are many Italian customs you can use in your wedding ceremony and the reception as well.

Schedule your wedding on Sunday because Italians consider a Sunday wedding good luck.

Install elaborate ribbons over the doorways of the building where the ceremony is taking place. It signifies someone is "tying the knot."

Shatter a glass at the end of the ceremony, similar to Jewish weddings just at a different time. This is done in many regions of Italy by the wedding couple. The number of fragments represent the years of happiness the couple will have together.

Decorate the couple's car with flowers and ribbons rather than tin cans.

Cut the groom's tie into pieces at the reception. He then sells the pieces to guests as a memento of their Italian wedding. Traditionally, this was done to help pay for the wedding. Sometimes the bride would carry a satin bag for guests to put money in which was also to raise money to help defray the cost of the wedding.

Give each guest five sugar coated almonds as a symbol of health, joy, wealth, fertility and long-life. This Italian wedding tradition started as a result of a Greek legend in which the almond came to symbolize impetuous youth and immortal love.

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